Halmstad, Sweden

Program for Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2024

The Folkboat Gold Cup 2024 is set to kick off with an opening ceremony on July 7th, followed by the first day of racing on July 8th. Competitors will take to the water for a total of 8 races, with action-packed sailing scheduled every day until July 12th. To celebrate the spirit of competition and camaraderie, a special regatta dinner will be held on the evening of July 12th. Don't miss out on this exceptional event that promises thrilling races and unforgettable experiences.

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About Halmstad

Nestled on Sweden's west coast, Halmstad is a city where the waves whisper tales of seafaring history and the sunsets paint the Nordic sky with an artist’s palette. As host to the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2024, this seaside gem offers more than just a venue for sailing excellence. It is a place where culture intertwines with natural beauty, offering visitors sandy beaches, lush green parks, and a vibrant art scene.

Famed for its long beaches, the castle, and home of the pop group Roxette, Halmstad invites sailors and their companions to explore its many charms. Whether you’re indulging in the local cuisine, strolling through the picturesque streets, or enjoying a round of golf on one of its renowned courses, Halmstad provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Join us in July 2024, where the spirit of sailing comes alive in the heart of Scandinavia. Welcome to Halmstad – where every wave tells a story.

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Welcome to Halmstad, Sweden

Welcome to the charming coastal city of Halmstad, Sweden. From Stockholm, a 5-hour drive or a quick domestic flight will bring you to this stunning city. For participants coming from the south, it is a 1,5-hour drive, making the city exceptionally accessible for participants coming from south of Halmstad.

For those traveling from Denmark, a direct ferry from Grenå to Halmstad is available, offering additional convenience.

Contact: info@goldcup2024.com