About Halmstads Sailing Society

Welcome to Halmstad Sailing Society (HSS), a historic sailing club established in 1910, nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Halmstad, Sweden. Our journey commenced over a century ago when a group of sailing aficionados embarked on an expedition to Tylön, inspiring the inception of a sailing society in Halmstad​.

Over the decades, HSS has flourished into a vibrant community of sailing enthusiasts, holding true to our tradition of fostering competitive yet congenial sailing events. Our notable Tuesday sailing events, a tradition since the 1930s, encapsulate the camaraderie and the spectator-friendly nature of our club, with races starting and finishing in Halmstad's harbor.

Annually, HSS orchestrates a variety of racing competitions allowing members and guests from neighboring clubs to challenge their sailing prowess against one another. Our sailing program is laden with a plethora of events such as the North Sails Trim Cup, Tylön Runt, and Lappens Cup among others, providing an engaging platform for sailors to indulge in the sport while enjoying the scenic beauty Halmstad has to offer​.

As we gear up for the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2024, we invite you to experience the legacy and the contemporary sailing spirit of HSS. Our club has a rich history of hosting prominent sailing events, including the prestigious Laser World Championship in 1985 and the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup in 2001, showcasing our longstanding dedication and capability in promoting world-class sailing competitions. With our seasoned sailors and the welcoming atmosphere, we are thrilled to host this prestigious event and look forward to the exhilarating races, the shared laughter, and the enduring sailing memories that the Gold Cup 2024 promises to enkindle.

Join us at HSS, where history sails alongside passion, and every tide ushers in new sailing adventures. Your voyage to unforgettable sailing experiences begins here!